Announcing Rural Forward

Who is Rural Forward? Many of us have served in the Obama Administration, in our town halls, in our legislatures, and even a few have held higher offices. All of us know that there are progressive and Democratic solutions to the concerns of our communities. We know that everyone talks about a quality education, but who’s making sure that we have great teachers in the classrooms, that there is money for special needs programs, and up to date books and resources? Who’s delivering increased access to care and support for those struggling individuals and the family members dealing with an opioid addiction?

Rural Forward will be a place for us to share approaches to these, and many other, day to day problems that we face in our communities. Think of it as your virtual front porch or coffee counter to get up to speed on what’s happening, what’s working, and what’s been tried in another state. You can pick the issues and solutions you care about most, and be connected to others who have worked on that issue and can help navigate the path forward.

If you have great ideas for how to help rural America, we want to hear from YOU. Reach out on Facebook or Twitter or email us at info [at] ruralforward [dot] com. We’ll try to get back to you quickly. We are a small group, but growing.

Educating and sharing information will be empowering. That empowerment will translate to getting individuals to head to a town meeting, write their state and federal representatives, and run for office — thereby changing the conversation by having a Democrat at the table to discuss our perspective and propose real solutions. In the end, we’re doing this because we want to make a difference locally and we know there are people out there who share our vision for what our country can and should be.

We are going to start here, with our blog. Sharing our ideas. Talking about our experiences and sharing our stories. We hope you will join us here, but also on Facebook and on Twitter. As we grow, we will push the conversations into your backyards, and onto front porches across Rural America.

Bring your ideas, reasons why you are a rural Democrat, and join the conversation at